Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Take one for the Team. sportswear inspired jumpsuit

Model: Karla
Photography and designs by Alice Dior

Stuffs,various unfinished design ideas

Some old stuff from the studio. should i develop any of these?

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Beth Ditto Sketches

a couple of Sketches i did of a Beth Ditto photoshoot in POP magazine.
water coulour, ink and pencil

Adventures in Stop Motion

Ardman better watch out!!

haha dont think i will be winning any prizes for this somehow...

Animation and music by Alice Dior

Monday, 28 June 2010

Hello Bratty clothing for naughty girls

Model: Karla
Photography and designs by Alice Dior

Metamorphosis and attempts at costume design

Die Verwandlung (the Metamorphosis) is a play by Franz Kafka in which Gregore, a travelling salesman transforms into a beetle. read it, it's unusual but very good. for a while i dabbled in costume design, here is my costume for Gregore. all the knitting was done by hand (and took bloody ages):
model: Yaz
Photography and designs by Alice Dior

Paper Dress

here are some photos of a dress i made entirely out of paper (napkins, doilies, pick and mix bags and cupcake cases). i found this really challenging as paper is really hard to work with as pins rip fact EVERYTHING rips it.

i really wish this dress was functional. what do you think?

Model: mannequin Sammy
Photography and designs by Alice Dior

Let's get crafty! BLING!

when i get bored i like to DIY my stuff. this is my ipod (check out the cute gloomy bear speaker) i also make phone covers, make up palettes, liquor bottles, macbook covers etc
my phone is starting to look pretty tatty as i tend to drop it all the time. i think i will do this to it.